Student Work

Here you will find some of my student work from my time at ECA. The way the animation course is structured at ECA means you tend to do most things as an individual rather than a team, which means for these projects I tried my hand at all aspects of the pipeline… Designing, modelling, rigging, animating, surfacing, lighting, compositing. It’s tough to balance everything in short timeframes, but it gave me a strong appreciation of the different expertise that go into this craft, and a much deeper appreciation of having others to work alongside with.

Of all the projects I would say I enjoyed the 10x10x19 the most, it was chaotic, rushed and slightly stressful, making 1 quick film every day for 10 days consecutively. I had to take a lot of shortcuts in order to model, rig and animate these things in one day, and they don’t hold up too well to scrutinisation, but I think there’s some interesting things in there. And if you compare it to the work I did in the previous year with 10x10x18, it’s certainly interesting to see the progression.