Tohan This story was inspired originally by a book I was reading but mostly it was a film designed in every aspect to help me improve my directing, animation and general work practice. Thus far I didn't really have any solid work to put in my demo reel, nothing that showed movement done to a… Continue reading Tohan


10x10 is gearing up again. ECA's annual project designed to terrify new students, invigorate the veterans and just keep us all incredibly busy for the 2 weeks that was meant to be a free reading period. 10 films in 10 days, with the only main rule being that each film must be completed within a… Continue reading 10X10X19

Ethel Red caption test Ethel Red was an original character created by DC Thomson, a rebellious Viking girl who wanted to be a warrior just like her father and uncles. I was given the brief of updating this character and creating an animation for a modern generation. I fell in love with the spirit of the… Continue reading Ethel Red

Tide "In its drawn out and rather grandiloquent way it holds together well.  A perverse and wilfully sluggish film it actually amounts to something rather affecting - not only a testament to the design and the unworldly setting but the patience Mark shows and the clever composition of shots. It's well paced even if it… Continue reading Tide