Resiliencia: de las neurociencias a las redes sociales (Resilience: from neuroscience to social networks) is a medical textbook on the human ability to overcome personal, mental and physical traumas. A close friend had invited me to illustrate the cover for it.

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(left) Dr Roberto Sivak (right) Federico Sivak

The book was written and edited primarily by Dr. Roberto Sivak and co-authored by a number of great minds both in and out of the medical field. It covers a varied amount of subjects but each with an emphasis on our resilience as a species in the face of adversity.

It was a huge honour for me to work on this book cover aside from some personal reasons. I wanted the cover to reiterate the sense of hope and brilliance that the text contains within. I really wanted to show the expression of human form, through colours and textures.


To achieve this I began from an abstract point, The book was about giving meaning and substance to the unexplained phenomena of the human mind and I wanted to illustrate this from the perspective of an artist. I filled a page with colours and forms, expressing emotions on a page with energy. I then slowly defined these forms back into the human figure, to show how the human mind is filled with compassion, resilience and a beautiful capacity for interpretation.

A lot of people came together to make this book happen, and it’s wonderful to have been a part of it.