Christmas 2017

I created this animation outside of my university work, it was the run up to Christmas and I had 2 weeks between the end of my projects and a special holiday. I used every second of it to work on this.


It was my first attempt at making a 3-D animation, admittedly I had no idea what I was doing. But this piece has a special place in my portfolio, it taught me what I could do despite having no knowledge.

I used what little I could manage with Maya, creating the scene and the snow (which is actually individually animated spheres, I hadn’t known about nparticles or after effects wizardry at this time)


For the character, I used adobe animate with hand drawn animation. I still had no idea how to create and animate a 3d character and with my strict 2 week deadline for this film I used whatever technique I felt would work best within the timeframe.


This film taught me a great deal about not only animation techniques, but what I can achieve when I really want to.