For Natalia

This book was dedicated to the inspiration I receive on a daily basis.

It was my first and original moleskine and the beginning of a deep love. It became a form of bible to me, a deeply spiritual book. I learnt and grew on these pages. It’s the first book I started recording memories in, and thanks to this book I can recall exactly where I was and what I was doing whilst drawing every image (almost).

There is a clear story for me through these pages and in fact every drawing has it’s own. From the cup of coffee that saved me from an awful experience to almost being stranded on a small island as the tide returned to claim the walkway. Wherever I was and whatever I did, this little book was always with me.

My sketches tended to be lot more observational here, I was studying anatomy and observing it in the real world. I had a philosophy for learning the rules so I could break them, which is why a lot of this book is filled with caricatures. Besides being incredibly fun, they require a great deal of anatomical knowledge and understanding of 3-dimensional form before they work well.

There are also 3 or 4 studies from some of my favourite artists amongst these, most notably is Chiara bautista with the first page.

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