I’m an animation student at the University of Edinburgh.


Born in Manchester, UK, I returned to study an Art & Design degree there. I am currently living in Scotland and studying Animation at the University of Edinburgh although I can usually be found in Paris also. I came to animation as it allows me to explore a vast range of disciplines and subject matter, the ability to create and explore new worlds and perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to collaborate with a vast amount of incredibly talented and passionate people.

I predominately work with Maya, focusing on 3-d animation, character animation, modelling and rigging. I am very much in love with the process of designing a story, characters and worlds and following the story through the most appropriate methods to it. Rather than trying to direct and force a story down a certain path and medium I try to allow the story to be what it chooses to be.

I plan to move to and work in France once my degree is finished and perhaps further my education there also. Through my work and studies I have developed a passion for teaching and sharing techniques and I would love the opportunity to teach professionally one day.

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