Fourth Year

An Update to the overall film progression

I’m going to take a moment to assess the film here and how things are progressing. Any changes being made now are small tweaks and polishing rather than broad strokes, as such it difficult to continually update these changes and record them. My main focus is cleaning up the movement and motion, adding some of the growth effects such as the flowers as well as finalising music and sound design. The video below contains the animatic along with a near final version of the music. The composer has done an amazing job of working to the brief and creating a piece of work that really pushes the sense of time and space as well as emotional value of the animation. I haven’t written much about the journey of the music so far but it’s been an going discussion and iterative process throughout the entire journey of the film and I’m very pleased with the results.

I’m currently in talks with a sound designer to push some of the more ambient sounds of the forrest, It’s coming a little later in the process than I would have liked but I put a little too much faith in the course organised meetings between sound and animation to find someone rather than doing it myself. Unfortunately these were quite the disappointment compared the student led ones the year prior.

The past couple of weeks have been plagued with technical errors and rendering issues, even for simple things through premiere, this has meant a lot of time recently has been put into trouble shooting this rather than working on the film itself, nothing of what i’m doing was designed to be working on a laptop and even the things I thought would be ok have been failing. One of the big hiccups has been premiere not being able to render new versions of the film to highlight updated work, this was caused by some corrupted EXR’s in the sequences due to the everything running remotely on a poor internet connection. Though now that I know the problem I can be a bit more vigilant about partly downloaded files.

Below is a collection of some of the refinements I’ve made to animation, aswell as testing out some of the flower tech and Cloth physics/simulation.