Fourth Year


Working from home has a number of challenges, my laptop just can’t work as fast as the studio computers. Meaning at some points I have to wait a considerable amount of time just for things to load correctly, and its incredibly prone to crashes. There are some aspects of the film I just have no control over anymore because my setup simply can’t run it.

I’m also struggling to do any rendering because I can’t upload files due to my poor internet connection. I have just over a month for my tenancy here and there is no option to improve the internet for this time. Uploads fail frequently and it can take the best part of 4 hours to upload a small file, and connection drops are frequent with the increased data traffic caused by literally the entire world being at home right now.

I can’t do compositing without renders, which are held up by technical issues and logistical problems. I have much less control over shaders and lighting because adjusting them has a tendency to crash everything or it can eat up an entire day just to modify one light and the affected shaders in the scene.

Just about the only thing I can still do relatively well is focus on animating and the movement, but even this is hindered with the current arrangement. Plus we are not receiving feedback and criticism of this due to how chaotic things are at the moment. My fellow students who I would rely on for this are either completely occupied with the current situation and relocation or desperately trying to wrangle with their own technical issues.