Fourth Year

Head Sculpting

Being confined to staying at home, I have needed to change up my schedule quite a bit. I usually worked 7 days a week in the studio, pushing long hours, but this couldn’t work from home. I’ve needed to keep my weekends free from studio work just to maintain my own sanity (though sometimes I still work on a few smaller tasks).

So I’ve decided to put a bit more time into sculpting and modelling, with the occasional bit of rigging too. I really enjoy sculpting, I feel like it’s a natural progression for me from the anatomy studies and figure drawing I enjoy so much. Though I still have a lot to learn in both of these, 3d sculpting in programmes such as Zbrush really puts that knowledge to the test.

I’m looking into taking this experimentation into a more traditional approach in the future, and for the next time I’ll be trying to get a time-lapse of the process too.