Fourth Year

Changes to the models

Since theres some quite complex movement in my short, it’s difficult to manage the rigging and modelling as well as animating the characters. In order to make some of the movements work such as the more rigorous dance moves there’s a number of things I need to do. This could mean modifying the rigging on the fly, adapting the models to better suit each of the movements independently (meaning 5 or 6 different iterations designed for specific purpose) or simplifying the geometry using stylisation to work around the technical limitations.

I’m not the best at rigging, the fact that I’ve even managed to rig these two characters to the level that they are is a big achievement for me. I really enjoy learning it and figuring out mechanically how to make the body move, but for some of the movement I’m aiming for I think its sadly a bit beyond me at this moment. I have to make concession strategically before they begin to make themselves. As such I’ve been looking into modifying the geometry, with this approach I can continue working on the animation as is and adapt the geometry multiple times. Thanks to some of the pipeline decisions I have made I can swap out the models at any point without losing work.

The main issue comes from how the model deforms, I’ve tried a number of different fixes and changes to the topology to try and fix this but now I’m reaching the point where solving one movement problem causes another. My solution might be a little odd but I think it might even help the narrative and visuals of the finished film. Since the issue arises in the faster and more complex movements I plan to swap out the model for one that is more simple and abstract, essentially using a stylised proxy model. Limbs and parts can be separated in order to flow more smoothly in the animation, hopefully giving the movement an abstract and gestural sense. Meanwhile I have worked up a more high poly model for the character to eventually transform into at the end. This visual change should help the idea that the dancer is the embodiment of the music, when at the and she finally becomes a more realistic and realised form. Here are some of the renders of the final look.