Fourth Year

Forgotten stories 2 and 3

Yeah, I really kept changing things a lot. When pressed about the original story I realised that it wouldn’t really work for a short film. I had so many ideas and so much I wanted to do with it that I just couldn’t condense it down into a short film, I wanted space to let it run. The second story is an attempt to wrestle the plot into something smaller but I just wasn’t happy with it. I felt like I was making compromises that I wasn’t happy with, the story was changing into a watered down cartoon version of itself. Although it was deemed more feasible and avoided some of the pitfalls the original story had, I felt it lacked the soul and direction that I wanted to take.

This Idea consisted of a smaller puppy like droid that was built in order to archive data for a pilot, still sticking with the original world building I had with the first.

As you can see by this point I had decided on a female lead for the film, She had been in mind originally for the creator of the robot in the first film. Now she was the main character and the robot had been relegated to a comedic role.

It was at this point I came to the Limbo concept. In which the female character was now wandering lost through the forest, in limbo. She had died in a car crash but her soul had refused to accept it. A mask (which I perceived to be the face of death) followed her, trying to help her accept her fate and move on into the afterlife.

And it was here that I realised I had some deep commitment issues…

I tried to make logical sense of the decision

After not really feeling this concept either I went back to the drawing board… Literally.