Fourth Year

The Forgotten story

I had originally intended to make a film about a broken robot discovering his place in the world. I had built a story around the world involving a polluted earth, sky faring warriors and floating cities. Some work from last years 10×10 project had influenced the idea and I had fallen in love with the concept, However after re writing the story a dozen times and struggling to contain it within a short film I decided to move onto another concept.

I was lucky enough to go to the Robot exhibition before the summer and did a number of sketches based on the preliminary droids humans have built and get enough research to speculate on what may be to come. I also spent a lot of the summer watching films and animations with robots in them, advanced technology and anything with mechanical moving parts. Including – The Iron Giant, Alita: Battle angel, Wall-E, Treasure Planet, Chappie, Metropolis to name a few.

My original story took place on a ship just barely struggling to stay in the air, the beginning was to go something like this. –

Her Fingers Trembled as she felt between the cogs and loose cabling of his inner mechanisms. Fumbling blindly into the lifeform she had built from the remnants of her ship and discarded treasures of a dying world. The approaching rumbles of an engine obscured behind the storm clouds forced her usually delicate and precise touch into clumsy jabs as the fear wrapped its icy hand around her heart. Was it too late? after all that she had suffered? A spark. Dazzling and pure. Blinding her for a moment and with it came a glimpse of hope. The metallic features began to come to life. Lights blinked briefly to the gentle whirl of cogs beginning to shift Another Spark, even brighter than before. This time, however, accompanied by a loud pop. The light of hope began to fadeaway and the machine returned to its slumber. Panic erupted within her as she cursed and plunged her hands deep inside once more. The rumbling growing in intensity, like the thousand footfall of her impending doom encroaching. She furiously tapped the wires together, emitting sparks that lit her features until everything erupted in white. “THAT’S IT!”… It took a moment to realise that the voice was not her own, when the blinding white failed to dissipate she realised its source was from a distance away, too far to be her machine. A spotlight. A second of calmness. A pause in time as she stood silhouetted against her fate. The peace was shattered as the harpoons of war tore through her ship, through everything she had ever known, and through any glimpse of hope.

I had intended to follow the story from the Robots perspective, after falling from the ship and hurtling to the earth, the impact and heat jolting his circuits awake, but left to discover his own fate. Abandoned by those above.

As I wrote this, the pen never seemed to want to stop writing, and that made it inappropriate for a short film sadly. But here is some of the research and concepts for it.