Exhbition, Externality UoE

Exhibition 2019

As part of our submission this semester we are expected to host an event to showcase our animation to the public. How we do this, and the format it takes is entirely upto us. Some previous years have had a very informal setting at bars and others have hired larger function rooms and invited industry professionals. Perhaps the most difficult aspect to this is to find a joint identity amongst the very different students with varying tastes and directions.

Initial Planning

Poster designs

I have never really tried graphic design before, It’s not something I feel would be a particular good direction for me to go in. However after brainstorming some of the ideas for names I immediately had a couple of ideas. Although I wasn’t part of the design team myself, things were slow and I wanted to get the ball rolling by throwing some ideas around, hoping others would follow suit.

In order for the event to be interpreted as being related to animation I wanted to include the concept of frames to the design. One of my favourite aspects of animation is the breakdowns, the beauty of following the arcs and seeing the onion skin layers of the past and future actions contained within the present. I also introduced the cyclical nature of animation with the second and third interpretations, There is also a hidden and probably ridiculous concept within the third examples. The pattern is compromised of 72 frames of the title of the exhibition, I then broke the first into 3 sections, representing 3 cycles of 24 – A nod to animations 24 frames per second. Perhaps too much but I thought it was a nice idea, even just for me…

After Visiting a few venues, I knew there was one which I preferred more than the others, I had visited the Lauriston Hall during Carlos Santa’s exhibition and found that the space would work incredibly well. Santa’s exhibition had very few people attending but give the right numbers, this hall would work as both a white box and black box space simultaneously.

The space to hold work was not incredibly important to myself, but I wanted to make sure we had this space for the other students for whom this space was vital. My thoughts are that given enough room for guests to freely manoeuvre around the works, whilst also positioning this close to the bar with ample space should allow free movement for guests and for easier and more natural networking situations to occur.

After speaking with the faculty there I was able to work a reduced price with them to hold the space for April 24th. Emily has had a great idea to try and gain sponsorship for the event in order to ease the cost and potentially have the bar run for us and is chasing a few leads to this end.

I have organised a shared dropbox folder to collate all paperwork needed for the event, poster designs and to gather still frames from everyone’s work to use for publicising the event. I have also created a folder for film submissions on the network in our studios in order to easily manage our films and for cutting the sequence for screening.

Although I am very happy with the venue and the potential for the event, I do feel as though things are moving very slowly in terms of organising. It’s incredible difficult to have everyone together to discuss and to make decisions going forward, I worry that many are putting the event off until the last moment.

In order to fund the event we had two ventures, first was a group who sold postcards which created the main bulk of funds for the exhibition. A couple of weeks after this myself and Emily created a bake sale to raise the rest of funds. Emily was really the main force behind this, she poured everything she had into the event in terms of energy and planning in order to give everyone the event she felt they deserved and I really can’t stress enough how important she has been in helping this event to happen.

The collection of films was proving to be difficult, so I tried a number of methods to ensure we had everyone’s films available. It took a large amount of time to check everyone’s work and collate the films together but in the end I think the effort showed on screen and I believe the event went wonderfully.