Externality UoE

The story of Tohan

This is just my rough layout of the sequence of events that I am considering for my current project. Most of the scenes have been designed as to really test my ability of motion and animation, and to create animation loops and learn how to manage them and blend between them.

These boards are primarily to convey the sense of environment for the journey, to help me place the events and better plan out camera shots. Using these as a guide for the progression should allow me to better decide when and where to place my camera’s and what sensation they should be evoking within the audience.

It also helps me to understand how much environment modelling needs to be done and how much should be image planes on a parallax. Perhaps the greatest challenge I face will be getting the 2-d and 3-d elements within my scene to work together within the style I am hoping to achieve.

The film is about a wanderer, on a journey to face themselves, travelling through mountainous regions on their way to a long forgotten temple. As they progress through the regions, the surrounding environment becomes more and more strange, seeming to break the forces of nature of laws of physics. Upon arriving at the temple, the wanderer is faced with their own reflection, of being pulled into the void of their own mind or conquering their doubts and fears. To face who they are or were.

The film is aimed at all ages, and I hope for it to be seen as story whose importance stems from the need of discovery and adventure as well as the acceptance of oneself. It takes influence from Japanese culture and some from the natural lands of china. The theme centres around the concept of exploring yourself aswell as the world, the journey to the temple being a metaphor for the characters journey inside their own minds and internal reflection of who they are.