Artist showcase

Alberto Mielgo’s storyboarding for Spider-man: into the spider-verse

Alberto Mielgo is the brain and hands between the brilliant and graphic styled storyboards for the recent Spider-man: into the spider-verse animated film. A recent article on Cartoon brew showcases the work that he did and how close to the finished visual the storyboards remained. You can find the full article here.

Seeing these storyboards and the close relation they have to the final product has really encouraged me to work harder on my own. I would like to experiment more with after effects and compositing animatics to have this 2.5d parallax and push the composition and style choices long before I reach the 3-d software stage.

In the past couple of films I have worked on, with tight deadlines and over ambitious ideas I have had a tendency to skip the fundamentals and rush straight into the 3-d world. I have a basic idea of the shots and composition I would like and tend to create the scene and animation like a live-action set, exploring the scene and finding shots and composition. This technique, whilst it has it’s pros, does not make the most of what animation can offer. The ability to design every aspect of your film from the smallest most minute detail. Composition is created and designed much more than found. This design stage is where I could have a lot of fun exploring ideas long before committing to one, it’s definitely something I will be exploring more of going forward.

Although It was interesting to read that Mielgo has quite the aversion to animation with anthropomorphised characters in them. His website states that he does not involve himself with these types of films, only animation “that is serious”…