Externality UoE

The Rookie Awards 2019

The Rookie awards will be the second element to my Externality.

Founded in 2009, The Rookies has become the go-to community for all aspiring artists serious about careers in film, games, immersive media, 3d visualisation and more.  

The awards are primarily for shining a spotlight on up and coming young creators, giving them opportunities to be heard and be noticed to potential employers. There is absolutely zero professional industry work allowed to be submitted, which not only makes the platform fair for students and independent creatives but also creates the ideal space to compare your own skills against a level field.

The Important dates-

March 7: Submissions Open

Eligible entrants are asked to create an entry page and upload their best work for the judges to review.

May 31: Submissions Closed

No extensions are ever allowed. This is a solid date, just like a production deadline. Don’t miss it!

June 30: Finalists Announced

Our Judging panel reviews every entry, awarding them an industry ranking and selecting top people per category.

July 16: Winners Announced

All judging completed and winners of jobs, internships, scholarships and People’s Choice are announced.

The concept of this competition is incredibly alluring to me, not only the prospect of competing in it but rather to have a better understanding of the level of work that is being achieved. We are increasingly living on an international stage and occupations are being competed for by people from all over the world. The only way to keep up with this curve is to continually assess it and adapt to it. The Rookie awards gives the best from all over the world the opportunity to showcase their work, and for people like me who have a lot of ground to cover in order to catch up, it gives a horizon to look to.