Externality UoE

Project Brief – Externality 2

With this project I would really like to focus on creating work that will bolster my showreel, in particular by creating animation loops and smooth movement that can be used in a video game engine. The practice of movement can be applied to all media but the focus on methods that can be applied to game engines will help with potential internships.

I propose to create a short film with two goals in mind-

  • The first being the submission to an annual awards event/competition showcasing student and self taught creator’s works. The deadline for this event is March 31st
  • The second is the creation of a short animation with the intention of hitting the deadlines for festivals around March. There are a few I have taken note of for the March deadline –
Amsterdam International Film Festival5 March, 2019
Paris Short Film Festival
8 March, 2019
Link International Film Festival 9 March, 2019
Norfolk film festival10 March, 2019
IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival
15 March, 2019
Nexus Film Awards17 March, 2019
Champs-Élysées Film Festival
29 March, 2019
London Film Awards 31 March, 2019
LA1 Shorts
31 March, 2019
Thunderdance Film Festival, London 31 March, 2019
Hastings Film Fringe
31 March, 2019
Indie Filmmaker Showcase 31 March, 2019
31 March, 2019
Golden Tree International Documentary Festival
15 April, 2019
Raindance Film Festival
26 April, 2019

I have selected festivals that have live screenings and focused primarily of ones taking place in the UK and France. With my intention of working in Paris after my degree, the more exposure I can get there, the better.

The Deliverable project should be 1-2 minutes long and absolutely no more than two minutes. I have a tendency to drag things out longer than needed, keeping it short will also allow me to focus on making the animation and movement itself the best it can possibly be.

Story wise, I have no set parameters, I am free to take the story in any direction I choose, At the moment it seems it may well be inspired by the current book I am reading, ‘The nightingale floor’ set in a fantasy feudal Japan. In terms of style, in each film I have made so far, I strip back all the elements to one core theme, this film will be movement. That means no wasted time on fancy shaders or intricate modelling. Visually- the film should be simple and readable, but with an artistic flair that captures interest. Part of the challenge will be to create a unique stylisation that exemplifies the movement of the characters whilst still being rich and compelling.

I am giving myself the deadline of hitting the Champs Elysees Film Festival on Friday 29 March 2019. This gives me the opportunity to also submit to the 6 festivals taking place on the following Sunday, Most notably- The London Film awards, Indie Filmmaker showcase and the France International Film Festival.

This Gives me roughly 11 Weeks For my project.

Running alongside this project will be 10x10x19, which will take up 2 weeks and the contextual elements of my course, along with an animated documentary. Keeping a track of my time and schedule will be much more important than the last project in order to balance these multiple aspects.