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Kyle Bean – Paper cut-out artist and animator

After doing some research for creating a showreel for an upcoming application for an internship I came upon this video from London based animator Kyle Bean.

I found this as an alternative way to show your input on a project beside a showreel, it’s something I have been thinking a lot about since trying to assemble all the progress work from my last project. I found I struggled to really showcase the skills I had used and the time and investment certain aspects would have taken to someone who was not intimately familiar with the same processes.

For the future going forward I would love to finish each project with two films, one being the deliverable film itself, the other being a fun ‘making of’ form of documentary. I want anyone considering me for a future project to see more than just my work, I want them to see my passion for the process and the depths that go into the work


Kyle’s work lends itself very well to this form of progressive capturing and documentation, my own form may have to be done in a completely different manner. I had assumed from seeing the commercial originally that the medium had been CG animation, seeing the process and having my initial assumption being so wrong was rather exciting. The hand crafted and tactile nature of Kyle Beans work is done with such a clean and simplistic style and perfection that it is very easy to misunderstand the work that has been done, even for a fellow animator.


You can find more of his work here.