Externality UoE

Externality 2 – Initial thoughts

I’ve put a lot of thought into the goal of the next project, The purpose of the learning and the direction I would like to take within it. With the external client project last year I learnt how to manage my time efficiently and how to develop assets fit for purpose within a limited time frame. Whilst I feel this project was successful, I am not content with the animation itself, the movement of the characters and my general skills as an animator. With the next project I would like to strip the film down again to a simple concept- movement.

The movement and actual animation skills I have are lacking compared to the asset and concept development. Continually working on projects from the ground up and focusing on the films development has left a shortage of development in the movement and animation itself. Thus I would like to make this my priority, something can be broken and ugly but I want to make it truly come alive, to move beautifully above all else. I put a lot of time, attention and care into developing the models and rigs of my characters, I have fallen in love with this process but its time to put the same care into their lives as well as their creation.

With this in mind I have decided that the goal and deadline for the project will be the submission to a festival or competition. Whilst I enjoy working for a client and the restrictions and direction that brings, I feel it would be too restrictive for my learning goals. I have noticed several competitions that set the parameters of using an audio voiceover as the basis of the deliverables, however I feel this too restricts my choice in movement. Whilst being good practice for commercial work this form of project is perhaps more suited for infographic animation and won’t allow me to dive into the kinetic movement I desire. Hopefully this decision will aid in the development of skills suitable of working within the film and video game industries.